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Dec 13, 2021 Real Estate

Luxury living in Tanjong Pagar condo Singapore

Tanjong Pagar condo singapore is an upcoming condo located in the heart of Singapore. It has a modern and sleek design with its use of glass, concrete and steel.  The amenities include: gym, swimming pool, party room and multipurpose hall. There are also many different units to choose from. This condo is perfect for those looking to invest into real estate or for those who want a high quality living space at an affordable price.

TanjongPagar is a small residential district in Singapore. It has been home to many wealthy families, and it’s also the area where some of the most luxurious condos are located. All these high-rise buildings make for a great view of the city, but they’re not as affordable as other places on this list. That being said, if you want some luxury living then TanjongPagar may be right for you.

Benefits of living here

  • The benefits of living in TanjongPagar condo Singapore are endless.
  • With the location being so central, you can enjoy a lot of convenience and accessibility to different amenities.
  • TanjongPagar is very close to many malls such as Suntec City Mall, Vivocity Shopping Mall and Orchard Central which means that it is easy for residents to quickly pick up items they need for their daily lives.
  • The area also has many food outlets where people can eat at all times of day or night with ease.

Due to its excellent location near the city center, tanjong pagar condo singapore is perfect for those who work in or visit the CBD areas frequently.